9a Citadeles Street

(owned and managed)   This unique property is located on the right side of in the historical heart of the city, on ...

1 Kungu Street

(our realized project)   Location: in the centre of Townhall Square (sole private building), the site of the Townhall ...

6 Kalku Street

(owned and managed)   Location: 6 Kaļķu Street, prime location in the busiest pedestrian and tourist area. This corner ...

16 Skunu Street

(our realized project)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist streets ...

19 Skunu Street

(our realized project)   Location: this corner building faces Dome Square and is the only private building on the ...

2 Kramu Street

(owned and managed)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist areas ...

2 Krisjana Barona Street

(owned and managed)   Acquired by Baltic RE Group in November 2021, the historical property at 2 Kr. Barona Street ...

25 Raina Boulevard

(owned and managed)   Location: it starts on crossing to Krisjana Valdemara Street and ends on crossing to 13. Janvara ...

Welcome to Baltic RE Group

AS Baltic RE Group is an experienced real estate investor specialized in the creation and subsequent realization and management of value-added and core portfolios in the Baltics. Established by a group of entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the excellent investment opportunities in the region, since its foundation in 2008, Baltic RE Group has invested in the Baltics always with a long term view and highly focused vision, not speculative approach and creation of long term stable value. 

The Baltic RE Group’s business model provides for the purchase of historical buildings with prime retail high street location, at strategically important crossings, carrying out high quality renovation works and further lease of the premises to solvent tenants.

Commercial areas owned by the group consist of both trading and office premises to be considered premium-class premises with excellent location, cleverly designed layout, high quality finish and furniture, energy efficiency and innovative facilities.

After the purchase of a property, Baltic RE Group carries out the refurbishment by making the required internal and external reconstruction and repairs, focusing on reconstruction of the building facades.

Baltic RE Group invests in the purchase of state-of-the-art facilities and the implementation of innovative solutions, and attracts financially reliable well-known tenants. 

Baltic RE Group’s development strategy is based on the maximum rise of the investment value by increasing the leasable premises area and rent income, as well as by decreasing operational costs of the properties.

Through its fully-integrated Baltic based property management platform, Baltic RE Group covers the entire range of the value creation process, including repositioning, restructuring and project development. In executing its value-creation strategy, Baltic RE Group aims to invest in real estate which comply with very specific investment criteria, with solid fundamentals and high potential to release incremental value through active property management. The firm’s success lies in its unique investment and property management platform that delivers local operating capabilities and, ultimately, value creation to the properties in which Baltic RE Group invests.


Our benefits

Real estate innovative property management
Commercial Real estate focus
Long term view and highly focused vision
Solid fundamentals and potential incremental value through active real estate management
Well based internal property management
Internal record-keeping and reporting activities