27 Pulkveza Brieza Street

27 Pulkveza Brieza Street

(owned and managed)


The Riga Black Balsam historical factory at 27 Pulkveza Brieza Street has been acquired by Baltic RE Group in January 2022. The building where Albert Wolfschmidt started to manufacture the world-famous herbal balsam was built in 1847 according to a project of such exceptional Latvian architects as Gustav Winkler, Carl Felsko and Wilhelm Bockslaff; it is surrounded by greenery, overlooking the park of Viesturdārzs and in the true heart of the real CBD of Riga around Skantes Street. 


The old factory is of exceptional architectural beauty. Together with minor coeval buildings, the monumental 5-storey factory with its extraordinary brick façade has a total GBA of more than 17 000 sqm, and stands on a land plot of more than 1.5 hectares. 


Following acquisition of the building, Baltic RE Group will bring the Black Balsam Factory back to the splendour that such a landmark building deserves, creating a mixed-use complex with the highest standards of environmental sustainability and quality of work, combining them with an exceptional interior design.

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