2 Kramu Street

2 Kramu Street

(owned and managed)


Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist areas which connects Dome Square with Townhall Square, the site of the Blackhead House. This corner building has 7 large shop windows and 31 windows.


The building at Krāmu Street 2 was built in 1875 by a project of architect Fridrihs Vilhelm Hess (1822 – 1877) as a mixed use building. After the building was acquired in 2011, Baltic RE Group carried out extensive renovation and repair works of the whole building, making use of high-quality finishing materials, creating new leasable areas in the mansard, installing new lifts, building a terrace, doubling the retail areas and greatly increasing the size of the new shop front windows.


The building is fully powered by green electricity, whose production process uses entirely renewable energy resources.


The main tenant is CIVITTA LATVIA, leading management consultancy firm from Central Eastern Europe.

Technical data

  • Gross Building Area: 1841.74 m2
  • Total Internal Area: 1 456.69 m2
  • Leasable area: 1171.25 m2
  • Number of floors: 5 + basement and an outdoor terrace
  • Lift: 1

Our benefits

Real estate innovative property management
Commercial Real estate focus
Long term view and highly focused vision
Solid fundamentals and potential incremental value through active real estate management
Well based internal property management
Internal record-keeping and reporting activities