9a Citadeles Street

(owned and managed)   This unique property is located on the right side of in the historical heart of the city, on ...

1 Kungu Street

(our realized project)   Location: in the centre of Townhall Square (sole private building), the site of the Townhall ...

6 Kalku Street

(owned and managed)   Location: 6 Kaļķu Street, prime location in the busiest pedestrian and tourist area. This corner ...

16 Skunu Street

(our realized project)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist streets ...

19 Skunu Street

(our realized project)   Location: this corner building faces Dome Square and is the only private building on the ...

2 Kramu Street

(owned and managed)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist areas ...

2 Krisjana Barona Street

(owned and managed)   Acquired by Baltic RE Group in November 2021, the historical property at 2 Kr. Barona Street ...

25 Raina Boulevard

(owned and managed)   Location: it starts on crossing to Krisjana Valdemara Street and ends on crossing to 13. Janvara ...


AS Baltic RE Group is a real estate company active in Riga, Latvia, since 2008.

Currently, the Group is one of the largest lessors and management companies of all-purpose and high quality commercial premises in Riga city center. The Group’s real estate portfolio consists of seven properties in Riga of the total gross building area (GBA) over 34,500 m2, and the net leasable area (NLA) over 32,500 m2. In the Group’s history there were several property sale transactions which often determined a new benchmark in the market. The Group currently continues to manage sold properties – with a total gross building area (GBA) over 7,500 m2 – for third party investors (buyers).

Baltic RE Group is also qualified to handle real estate management services for every Client. Realization of Baltic RE Group activities is carried out in collaboration with a selected group of partners of international caliber based on high service quality and international credibility. Therefore, the most qualified operators on the market cooperate with the company to cover the four main consultant areas that support the company: valuation and due diligence; technical due diligence and reports; property and facility management; legal and contractual assistance. 

Our approach is based on the main objective is to maximize the long term value of the investment.


Our benefits

Real estate innovative property management
Commercial Real estate focus
Long term view and highly focused vision
Solid fundamentals and potential incremental value through active real estate management
Well based internal property management
Internal record-keeping and reporting activities